After All These Years,
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After 40+ years of scaling and running a successful publishing business, ConnectPress, Dan Raker has become a highly sought after leadership coach and content creator. Dan now works with clients through two avenues: Circles of Leadership and Content by Dan.

Circles of Leadership

a personal board of advisors

Tap into trusted executive knowledge through C-Suite and Executive coaching for growth-oriented and passionate leaders. Circles of Leadership unites executive knowledge with roundtable sessions to bridge the gap in the leadership journey.

With a collaborative approach, Dan Raker has been helping leaders scale their business and surpass their goals for over 30 years. Dan leads leadership development in one-on-one and group coaching "circles". 

Learn about the Circles of Leadership services, philosophy and executive coach below.

Content by Dan

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Dan is a passionate and highly skilled content creator. Dan is the author of the best-selling INSIDE AutoCAD how-to with over 3 million copies sold to date, as well as the Infrastructure Digital Twins leadership shortcourse.

Additionally, Dan has published over 100 book, magazine and web portal titles, has appeared as a guest on various podcasts, and has ghostwritten blog posts and website copy for many industry-leading companies. To work with Dan on content, click below.

Still Doing Content After all These Years

connectpress legacy

Where are the Old CAD/PLM Portals?

what a history!

After 40 years of continuous publishing, ConnectPress is currently not producing regular periodicals. We started with targeted publications reaching limited readers, grew through a wave of tech periodicals, books and web portals, and for now have returned to specific targeted reach.

1981 ConnectPress’ predecessor Design & Systems Research Publishing Company began publishing The A/E/C Systems Report

1983 The ConnectPress leadership team began offering market positioning services through projects like creating channel, delivery and outreach for Autodesk’s original AutoCAD program.

1985 in conjunction with New Riders Publishing, released the best-selling how-to INSIDE AutoCAD, eventually selling over 3,000,000 copies

1987 under the imprints High Mountain Press and OnWord Press, released over 100 titles on AutoCAD, ProE, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, ARC GIS, MapInfo, Revit, Inventor, MicroStation, Solaris, CAD Management and more.

1988 The ConnectPress leadership team began sharing entrepreneurial, publishing, marketing and leadership expertise with others. Developing workshops and group training programs for YPO (Young President’s Organization) in the areas of personal growth lead to using professional blind-spot analysis as a path to personal growth.

1991 ConnectPress began publishing paper magazines like MicroStation Manager, Pro/E: The Magazine, CATIA Solutions and more, eventually reaching 140,000 worldwide paid subscriptions.

2003 ConnectPress ditched paper for the web with community portals like, and a dozen others. Online membership reached over 1,500,000 regular member/subscribers. ConnectPress was one of the first web influencers to employ behavioral tracking to both measure reader response and to target content and advertising promotion.

2018 ConnectPress introduced Circles of Leadership, and re-introduced one-on-one coaching, market positioning and content services.

2020 ConnectPress ceased publication of its web community portals and gathered select C-suite and engineering IT managers into Conversations and Circles of Leadership, moving beyond traditional publishing to bring leadership and Market Positioning to life. Current topics in CEO management, Engineering IT management and Digital Twins. Growing splinter groups emerging in AI, XR and IoT as well as location and topic specific leadership circles.

Titles by Dan Raker and Team:

our work


Fantastic Lantastic

One Minute CAD Manager

One Minute Network Manager

101 Uses for Your A/E Microcomputer: Practical Ideas for Everyday Situations in Architectural and Engineering Firms

Infrastructure Digital Twins

authored by dan raker

MicroStation for AutoCAD Users

INSIDE MicroStation

The CAD Rating Guide

MicroStation Productivity Book

MicroStation Reference Guide

Programming with MDL

101 MDL Commands

Pocket MDL Programmers Guide

101 User Commands: MicroStation and IGDS

MicroStation Bible

MicroStation Exercise Book

Customizing MicroStation

Build Cell

Rendering with MicroStation

ModelView Picture Book


Managing and Networking MicroStation

The MicroStation Database Book

The MicroStation for AutoCAD Users Tablet Menu

Bill Steinbock’s Pocket MDL Programming Guide

MDL Guides


Using Drafix Windows CAD

CAD and the Practice of Architecture: ASG Solutions




Arc/Info Tips and Tricks

The Environmental Software Book

The GIS Book: A Practitioner’s Guide

GIS Data Conversion



The Pro/ENGINEER Quick Reference

The Pro/ENGINEER Exercise Book

Pro/ENGINEER Tips and Trick

published by dan raker

The Manager’s Guide to Computer-Aided Engineering

INSIDE Interleaf

Interleaf Exercise Book

The Interleaf Quick Reference

Adventurer’s Guide to Interleaf LISP

SunSoft Solaris 2.* User’s Guide

Five Steps to SunSoft Solaris 2.*

SunSoft Solaris 2.* for Managers and Administrators

SunSoft Solaris 2.* Quick Reference

SunSoft Solaris for Windows Users

The Solaris Source Book

One Minute SunSoft Solaris Manager

HP-UX User’s Guide

Five Steps to HP-UX

HP-UX for Windows Users

One Minute HP-UX Manager

HP-UX for Managers and Administrators

The HP-UX Quick Reference

The CLIX Workstation User’s Guide

Building Better Products with Finite Element Analysis

INSIDE Softdesk Architectural

INSIDE Softdesk Civil

INSIDE SolidWorks

SolidWorks Productivity Book

SolidWorks Quick Reference


CATIA Productivity Book

CATIA Quick Reference 


NX Productivity Book

NX Quick Reference 

MicroStation Manager Magazine 

Pro/E: The Magazine

CATIA Solutions Magazine

SolidWorks Solutions Magazine

NX Solutions Magazine

ANSYS Solutions Magazine

published continued